An Illustrator & A Brand Architect To Disrupt The NFT World.

We’re looking to fill two separate positions with a top tier illustrator, capable of producing an NFT collection on a tight time frame, as well as a world-class branding and social media designer, to work on a once in a lifetime project.

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The 1st project to build lasting, real world utility


We’re building 2022’s biggest NFT collection to disrupt the space and build a community for those who want to make real life their video game, not dissolve into the metaverse.

Real Life

This is not just another profile picture project, but will rather create an overwhelming change in each holder’s physical reality.

Curated Community

It will also provide access to a carefully curated community, and ofcourse the investment opportunity which NFT’s naturally carry.

We cannot release all of the details yet, but this project will deliver astronomical value through utility...


Meet The Creators


Iman Gadzhi

After dropping out of school at age 16, Iman has since created a marketing agency and education company which has generated multiple millions of dollars in a few short years, all while helping thousands take control of their lives and starting their agencies, as well as donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to build schools in Nepal, all in line with his mission to redefine the education system. These millions have since been multiplied to eight figures through investing in the crypto space.


Salim Elhila

From working as a data scientist in artificial intelligence, Salim took a leap of faith, quitting his job to create his own ventures. Starting by launching e-commerce brands and marketplaces, and continuing into the world of digital marketing. After generating over $14M in sales in 5 short months, Salim expanded his career into teaching others how to start and scale their businesses, generating over $33m for his customers. Once the Crypto and NFT rabbit hole presented itself, Salim went on to cofound the famous NFT collection, Metalegends, which sold out 12345 units at launch.


Pete Fogden

Discovering a passion for creativity and technology, early on Pete pursued a different path to others. While studying he traveled the world creating content for various music festivals, travel companies, resorts and influencers. After experiencing what traveling and the world had to offer at a young age, Pete decided to pursue business and technology, working with South Africa’s biggest e-commerce and retail brands, all while diving into the world of NFTs and web3.


Apply For The Open Positions

Brand Architect

This position will be responsible for designing all brand related assets to be used in marketing, on the website, as organic content on social media, etc. This will hold the responsibility of the heart of the project, and how it is perceived online.

Required Skills:
  • World class branding and design knowledge
  • A good understanding of social media and content which thrives on different platforms
  • Native understanding of the NFT and Crypto world, and the nuances in language and the culture.
  • Adobe Photoshop (or alternative)
  • Copywriting / communication
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Project Illustrator

This position will be responsible for illustrating the art for the entire collection (on the NFTS themselves). This involves coming up with original concepts, illustrating the base character “blueprints”, and designing 100+ unique traits to live on the base character.

Required Skills:
  • World class drawing, illustration and creativity
  • Adobe Illustrator (or alternative)
  • Adobe Photoshop (or alternative)
  • A thorough understanding of how to use layering
  • Ability to work efficiently on a short time horizon, without sacrificing quality.
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